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Upgrades To Implement Before You Put Your House On The Buyer’s Market

Upgrades To Implement Before You Put Your House On The Buyer’s Market

Are you thinking about selling your house in the near future? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade and expand your family, and you find that a little extra space is needed. Or, maybe you’re looking to downgrade and get something a little bit smaller because the kids are grown up and out of the house.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to look at your current home and see what price point you can achieve.

Prior to listing, most homeowners take a look around their house and see what minor or major projects they can complete to get a little extra money in the price of the house. If that sounds like you, and you want to get more bang for your buck, take a look at some of these suggested upgrades and choose ones that fit your budget and timeframe.

Replace the Roof

Replacing the roof before you leave will give you an even 100% return on the sale of the house. Why? Because roof replacements are so attractive to prospective buyers.

In fact, many buyers admit that a recent roof redo has closed the deal on home purchasing. If two houses are up for debate, the one with the newer roof will absolutely be selected.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens are definitely decision making rooms. If the kitchen is not up-to-date and somewhat modern, prospective buyers will likely turn around and walk out the door.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do a full-on remodel of the entire room. A little freshening up will go a long way. Think about repainting the walls, replacing the backsplash, switching out the cabinet hardware, and installing new marble countertops.

Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper is dated and messy. Removing it can be a lengthy DIY project that many buyers would rather not do.

You, as the current homeowner, can either put the time and effort in to remove the wallpaper and repaint the rooms, or you can hire a company to get the job done quicker. Whatever the case may be, be sure to repaint rooms with neutral paint colors so that buyers can envision their life inside your rooms. A hot pink and bright green may deter them.

Replace Garage Door

If you’ve noticed creaking or slow opens and closes, it may be time to replace that garage door so that the next people who open it won’t have any problems. Homeowners don’t want to purchase a home that needs a ton of work, and a garage door isn’t all that cheap.

Make an educated decision on this upgrade. If it’s faulty or has been around for a very long time, your garage may need a more modern door.

Make Some Yard Improvements

Cutting the grass before selling the house is a no-brainer, but what else can be done about that yard to beautify it?

Take a look at the shrubbery around the front and backyard. Is it overgrown? If so, get some clippers and trim them down. While you’re at it, trim any surrounding plants and plant a few colorful flowers in empty areas. It’ll add to the overall house appeal.

Build A Deck

If you don’t already have one, a deck will do you a world of good at the point of sale. Why? Because people love having cookouts, gatherings, and any form of outdoor entertainment, especially when the weather is nice. That means a deck is crucial; you can BBQ, add a solo stove, or listen to some jams. The outdoor seating area/deck really gives prospective homeowners the ability to have fun outside, in the comfort of their own home.

Now, not all of these upgrades need to be taken seriously. You can go out, do your research, and find other upgrades that better suit your current home. But we granted a good starting point with some of the best, in your face, wanted suggestions. Take your pick and roll with the punches!

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