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​​Top Value Increasing Renovation Projects for Your Home

​​Top Value Increasing Renovation Projects for Your Home

Home renovation is a hot topic right now, with many people making moves to update their homes and give them a new life. This pressure is even greater for anyone gearing up to sell their home, which is why many are seeking ways to update their home that will increase its value and allow them to sell for more money. These are some of the top value-increasing renovation projects any homeowner can do.

1. Updating Your Garage

Updating your garage can make major changes to your home’s value. For example, homeowners can completely recoup the cost of a garage door when they replace it through the home’s price increase, and even small things like replacing the interior lighting of a garage can cause a major shift in how it’s perceived.

It’s a great idea to put in the time and work to ensure that this is an inviting and safe space that people will feel secure leaving their vehicles and storage in. Waterproof garage floor paint can help take this further by ensuring that snow and rain runoff won’t ruin their floors if they get home in a storm!

2. Doing a Mini Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are one of the first things peoples’ imagination will hop to when it’s time for a home update: but there’s a secret many don’t realize. A mini kitchen remodel can often bring back a higher return than a full remodel, just updating a few things. This means that you can edit this room for less money and time and be sure to get back more of your investment than you would otherwise.

3. Boosting Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters because regardless of how many times we’re told not to judge a book by its cover: we all do, to some degree. Boosting your curb appeal means that your home will stand out as an attractive and alluring property that buyers will want to move into.

This can be done completely for free if you already own the equipment; it just takes some time to do. The least you can do is remove leaves and debris, mow, edge your lawn, and possibly powerwash your walks and the driveway.  

4. Improving Energy Efficiency

More people are stressing how much they want bills that they can predict. Dealing with an energy bill that goes from seventy to two hundred dollars between a couple of months can be stressful. As a result, buyers are seeking more energy-efficient options, including homes that have built-in smart-thermostats and updated HVAC systems. Adding a smart thermostat is inexpensive but can easily help you make a case for someone buying your home.

5. Ensuring Your Home Is Safe

In recent years it’s become more clear how important our homes are. Buyers want properties that feel safe and allow them to relax when they’re alone. This means a house that has some small security options, as well as safety measures.

Having exterior lighting allows a property to stay well-lit at all times and can scare away burglars- and is just as important as a good pool deck drain that will protect people from slipping and accidentally harming themselves. Consider how your property could be made safer, and move forward with these steps.

6. Updating Your Windows

The more windows your home has, the better! They allow natural light in and can blur the line between inside and outside so that we don’t feel confined when we’re at home. Unfortunately, a house with too many windows can quickly become a curse as you have to deal with the risk of air leaks.

Check how well your windows are sealed by walking past them with a lit flame and seeing if it pulls one way or another- and then consider whether you need to replace them. There are plenty of options, allowing you to consider everything from wood vs vinyl windows and whether you want storm windows or single-pane: but make the right decision for your property.

7. Increasing Your Room Count

Increasing your room count is a great way to ensure your home’s value skyrockets! However, an additional room can add up to fifty thousand dollars to the cost of any home. The easiest way to do this is to convert a bonus room into a bedroom by adding a window and a closet, but you can also do it by converting an attic or basement space into a finished bedroom. Consider the price increase of this additional room versus the amount of money and time you’ll put into it when doing this.

Your Home Updates Should Add Value

Regardless of how large an update is: it should add value to your home. Of course, there are limits, like those saying that you shouldn’t spend more than 10% of your home’s value on any one room: but investing in your property should always be an investment in the future price of it.

Ryan Shure is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value. 

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