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Design Trends That Make the Home Springy in 2021

Design Trends That Make the Home Springy in 2021

Design Trends That Make the Home Springy in 2021

As interior decorators, we make it our job to stay up to date with all current design trends. We’re actually very meticulous about it. What’s popular one season may not turn heads the next. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a shock if your December interior design finds don’t make the cut when Spring comes around.

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover today: Design trends that did make it to the warmer Spring months – we won’t talk about the ones that were left in the dark. What good would that do, besides help you toss the irrelevants out the window?

Two huge interior styles are on their way to glory and fame for the Spring months of 2021, and we’re not sure how quickly they’ll leave this time around. Think about indulging in nature. Think about adding some semblance of color (drift away from the whites and the blacks). Think big for this upcoming season.

While you’re at it, keep in mind that every year brings new upgrades for the interior of the home. Adding some stylish technology like laser projector-based home theater will increase the joy and entertainment value and tweaking the current countertops and appliances will boost your homes overall value. Just a few additional improvements to consider while sprucing up the place!

Indulge in Nature

Nature makes us think of anything we can find outdoors that we can bring indoors. Two awesome examples? Wood and flowers.

Raw woods are up and coming this Spring and they’re not being quiet about it. When we say raw wood, we mean any wood species that hasn’t been tampered with too much – meaning stained or painted. When we envision raw wood, we imagine an organic aesthetic entering the space we’re designing. Think rustic looks with some hand scraping. Think subtle cerusing with a natural grain. Think imperfect grooves and indentations that came naturally in the lumber racks, entering your home as a piece of delicately fabricated furniture.

Raw woods can be added to the living room or dining room spaces, and the kitchen! They act as their own form of art. Whether they enter your home as an intimate side table, a worn out picture frame, or a handcrafted dining tray, it does not matter.

On the other side of indulging in nature, we have the flowers that bloom so beautifully in the Spring. All it takes is purchasing a fresh bouquet of flowers once a week to make the room smell great. The flowers of your choosing can act as a centerpiece in any room throughout the house. Plus, you have the ability to choose the colors of said flowers, depending on your mood or the room’s current vibes.

Add Some Semblance of Color

Semblance of color can mean a number of things. For us, it means avoiding the blacks and the whites of the color fan deck.

Instead, take a tour through the rainbow and go one of two ways: Head straight for the pastel and brights or dull it down with the tried and true neutrals.

Pastel and bright colors definitely scream Spring. Subtle additions to every room often carry these hues, including but not limited to decorative pillows and wall art.

On the other hand, the tried and true neutrals can work, too. Neutrals can symbolize a sense of calmness after the storm of the Winter months. Plus, sometimes us designers and our homeowners aren’t willing to take a dive into the bright colors so quickly. In that case, a slow transition from dull to bright may take place, leaving the pastel and bright colors for the summer months.

You can also avoid redecorating with colors altogether. Or, try simply spicing up a room by changing the paint color on the walls. We hear any shade of green is really in this year! Just head on down to your local paint supplier/store to see what they have in stock to get started.

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