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6 Interior Design Ideas to Stage a Home For Sale

Interior design may be complicated and depends entirely on the tastes of those who are looking at it: but it’s a tool that can help you sell a property far faster than you’d believe. These are some of the top ways to stage a home through the tools interior design gives us so that you’ll sell faster and for more money, than you would if you left your property as-is.

1. Deep Clean Every Inch of the Interior

glass dining table in white room
The most important part of staging is removing reminders that you’ve lived there, and one huge reminder that anyone has lived in a property is any dirt, grime, or dust accumulated while you lived there. Using tools like microfiber cloths, magic eraser sponges, and working from the top of every room down to the bottom, deep clean every room. A coat of paint can fix the walls, but make sure you dust any molding and get the grime out of any grout. The main rooms to focus this on are the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room since these are spaces that buyers will expect to be cleanest.

2. Add Molding to Kitchen Cabinets

modern white kitchen with stainless appliances
Little details can bring a lot out of each room they’re in. For example, when you add molding to kitchen cabinets, you update them and look fresh and new. This little detail also draws the eye upwards, which can make your ceilings seem higher and allow your kitchen to feel more spacious, even if it’s slightly smaller or cramped.

Try to find a stain that matches your current cabinets to look like part of them; this will make it look more seamless and less like a last-minute thought.

3. Replace and Update Your Windows

Natural light is something that all house hunters are looking for in 2022, eager to find properties that blur the line between what’s inside and what’s outside. If you can add more windows, now’s the time to do it. If not, finding good window replacement inserts will allow you to update these portions of your home. Older and worn-down windows discolor quickly and let air leaks that no buyer wants to deal with. Nip these problems in the bud and update your windows before listing your property.

4. Restain Furniture and Flooring

A stain can say a lot about a property. Dyes and wood colors go in and out of style every couple of years, meaning that you may have a home full of a stain that doesn’t suit the current popular style. To fix this, you can use a stain remover or paint remover and then strain it again into whatever furniture wood stain colors suit your needs. Currently, many people are going for a light and warm color. This avoids the dark woods that have been popular for years and allows every room it’s in to feel larger and more air than it would have with the darker wood.

Avoid going for extremely niche wood colors like bright, vivid colors because although these can make a statement, it narrows down the number of people who will be interested in purchasing in and living with this property.

5. Make The Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

modern bathtub in sunlight
Bathrooms are where we prepare for our next day at work or unwind from a long day out and about, so we must do everything we can to make these spaces feel welcoming and comfortable. Adding heated bathroom floors, heated towel bars, and built-in Bluetooth speakers are changes that can quickly elevate a bathroom into something fantastical. You can take this further by expanding it into a five-piece bathroom for the main bathroom, something many house hunters are eagerly seeking out.

6. Use Lighting in Creative Ways

Lighting is one of the best ways to lead peoples’ eyes where you want them to look. Using creative lighting can make a room seem larger, point to key features like gorgeous countertops and updated appliances, and make an area feel cleaner and updated.

It’s important that you keep color theory in mind here, using mostly warmer colored lights since they allow people to feel more comfortable, and keep a space feeling clean. Even if you like white or blue light in lamps, it can make a space feel extremely clinical, and if there’s any dust or grime, it stands out even more in this type of lighting.

Interior Design Can Change how Someone Experiences A Home

Even if the property is fantastic and has been updated multiple times: there’s no way to guarantee that will be enough. Staging a home lets you ensure that the parts you want to show off are on display, and the factors that may hold buyers back don’t seem like a big deal. Use it to its full ability, and you’ll sell in no time!

Ryan Shure is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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